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Submitted on
October 5, 2013


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UPDATE 12/6/13


Judging is in progress. Winner to be announced.

-----------------------------[end update]

Add this journal to your favorites to be entered to win a dA membership, points, and free art!

It's contest time again! 

There are dA memberships, points, and free free art to be had! The premise of this contest is to create a piece of fan art depicting one or more of the characters that appear in the Fan Art folder in my gallery.


Sorry this is a lot of reading. I don't want any ambiguity in the rules that can be contested later.

1) Submissions are now open. Your entry must have been made specifically for this contest, not earlier. All submissions must have a "Submitted on" date listed as October 5, 2013 or later. Submissions will close two months from today on December 5, 2013. I think two full months is a fair amount of time to come up with and finish an entry, thus there will be no extensions. Winners will be selected based on technical skill, creativity, and the overall impact/wow-factor of their entry. The contest results will be announced about a week after the contest closes.

2) One entry per dA account. One account per person. Your entry must have been made entirely by you. As with past contests, I will be checking that entries are actually original works and not stolen from another artist, writer, or website.

3) Entries must be submitted as a link in the comments of this journal. Notes or comments left elsewhere will not be accepted. The link that you post must be for a deviation on dA. No scraps, posts, or external links please.

4) What characters are eligible? Again, the character you choose must appear in the fan art folder of my gallery. To be clear, this includes the "regular" part of the folder that you see right away when you click the link as well as the subfolders along the left side (the ones that say Musicals, Action Films, etc.). 

If a character appears in my gallery as portrayed by one actor or as they appear in one medium when they've appeared in multiple adaptations, you may use whatever "version" of the character you'd like. *For example, Voldemort as played by Ralph Fiennes appears in my gallery. That means you may use that version of the character or your own interpretation of his appearance in the books. Another example: Rapunzel from Tangled appears in my gallery. You may use the appearance that Disney gave her, your interpretation of how you imagine Rapuzul from the traditional fairytale, or any other version as played/voiced/drawn by anyone.

Other subjects, including characters that do not appear in my gallery, are allowed as long as at least one character that does appear in my gallery is also featured. Your depiction does not need to be serious or even make sense in-canon. Your entry may show as much of the character as you'd like (up to full body) or as little as long as it's still recognizable as the character you chose. As long as your art features at least one character that appears in the fan art folder of my gallery, this contest is extremely open-ended.

5) Any medium is welcome. This includes:
� Digital, traditional, or mixed drawings/paintings
� Literature as fan fiction (I'm not putting a limit on word count but please use reasonable judgement and don't submit a novel.)
� Any form of artisan crafts (A sculpture of Galadriel? A cupcake that looks like Loki? Earrings of Katniss? All fine. Be creative.)
� Photomanipulations are acceptable as long as you credit your stock and don't violate dA's policy on using screencaps or other copyrighted material in your art.
� Photography is probably a no-go. I can't think of a way that you could use photography other than to capture something else you made depicting the character (which would fall under artisan crafts). But if you can think of a way to use photography to depict a character, go for it.
� Pretty much anything else. Flash, comics, 3D art, anime, etc. are all fine.

6) A character may be used by as many entrants as necessary. So if you notice that someone's already submitted an entry depicting Indiana Jones and you're half finished with your own drawing of him, don't panic. You can still enter yours.

7) Please state in the description of your submission that it's an entry for this contest and include a thumbnail or link to the painting in my gallery that features the character you chose to depict. Sorry to be a hardass, but if you don't do this, I'll assume you didn't read these rules and you won't be entered.

8) There's no need to be a watcher of mine to win any of these prizes, so please feel free to share this with friends if you think they'd be interested.


Winners and Prizes

�One best-in-show winner will receive a one year membership to deviantArt, a request of whatever they'd like, and a journal feature. The request will be a full color digital painting and may be of an original character of theirs, a family member/friend, a pet/animal, or a fan art request. Donated prizes include: 
-Pixel portrait from mirz-alt
-"Best of Show" stamp from dragondoodle
-Airbrush portrait request from Fey-R
-300 points from aemiliuslives

�One runner-up winner will receive a three month membership to dA, a fan art request from me, and a journal feature. Donated prizes include:
-Emoticon sign from mirz-alt
-"Runner Up" stamp from dragondoodle
-Llama from KakashiMorph
-100 points from aemiliuslives

�As usual, I'm not leaving out art appreciators! A raffle prize of a one month membership to dA, 100 dA points, a journal feature, and a fan art request will go to one randomly selected entrant chosen by To enter, just add this journal to your favorites. You MAY enter both the competition and the raffle. However, neither of the winners of the art competition will be eligible to also win the raffle. (In other words, the two competition winners will be determined first. In the unlikely event that choses either of their numbers from the faves list of this journal, I'll just run the program again to get a different winner.)

Prize Donations
If by any chance you'd like to donate additional prizes for this contest (points, memberships, llamas, free art, journal features, whatever else they can think of) or pimp this contest in your journal to help spread the word, I'd be extremely grateful. Prize donors may still enter and be eligible to win both the art competition and the raffle drawing. If they happen to win the category that their donation is a part of, they will have a choice between moving that prize to another category so it goes to someone else or just rendering their donation void. 

Should you be so inclined, leave a comment on this journal post with a link your promotion journal and/or a statement of what you'd like to donate. As a little thank you, all prize donors and re-posters will be entered in a second, separate raffle pool from which one deviant will win a fan art request from me. (People who both donate and re-post will receive two raffle numbers.)

While I'm ok judging this contest alone, I'd be happy to consider you as a judge if there happens to be anyone interested in helping out. Send me a note with a quick explanation of why you'd like to help out and/or why you'd be good at it. (No pressure. Seriously, a sentence or two is fine.) Unlike prize donors, judges will not be eligible to win the best-in-show or runner-up competition prizes. Judges MAY donate prizes and are eligible to win either of the raffle prizes.

Volunteer Judges:
:iconel-thorvaldo: :iconecvcm:

-Entries are accepted now through December 5, 2013. No extensions.
-Art must be made by you, specifically for this contest, and depict one or more of the characters appearing in this folder in my gallery.
-Any medium, including literature, is acceptable.
-One deviant (best in show) will win a 1 year dA membership, a request of their choice, and a journal feature.
-One deviant (runner up) will win a 3 month dA membership, a fan art request, and a journal feature.
-One deviant (raffle winner) will win a 1 month dA membership, 100 dA points, a fan art request, and a journal feature.
-Prize donations and journal promotions are much appreciated. All donors/promoters will be entered into a separate raffle to win a fan art request and are still eligible to enter/win the art competition.
-Volunteers to help judge will be considered.

Accepted entries will appear in this folder in my faves. Please check that yours appears here and notify me if I haven't added yours by the time the contest closes. If it doesn't, it won't be included in the judging and thus can't win anything.

Any questions or confusion about the rules? Did I make a weird mistake/typo? Let me know! There are no stupid questions.

Good luck and have fun!
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ThreshTheSky Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Judging is in progress. Winner to be announced.
ThreshTheSky Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for participating! Your entry has been included in the contest's folder.
CQuiggles96 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Hey here's the link to my entry:…

ThreshTheSky Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! It's been added to the contest folder.
StrawberryJellyfish Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I was just wondering I forgot to link it... did you see my entry?
ThreshTheSky Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think so. Be sure to leave a link on this journal with your entry by the end of today and doublecheck that your entry follows all the rules listed. :)
StrawberryJellyfish Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
dreamwillow444 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Hi :D

Here's my entry for the contest:
ThreshTheSky Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for entering! Your piece has been added to the contest folder. :)
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